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A concept, a spirit

The Ambassador Card follows the spirit of « participative tourism ». With this concept, we are hoping to better involve the locals in promoting and taking care of their territory, and show a common spirit and impulse towards it.

For us, it firstly means to encourage Troyes La Champagne citizens to rediscover their rich heritage, tourist and leisure facilities. 

We all know that the places where we live become quickly common to us, and that we soon become rather unconscious of its multiple resources. Therefore, the Ambassador Card aims at encouraging the inhabitants of Troyes and the Aube department to happily become the messengers of everything around them. This is why, for this project, Troyes La Campagne Tourism asked some of its partners to offer a few privileges to these ambassadors.

Feeling welcome and expected on some sites, accessing exclusive meetings, being informed in priority about cultural and leisure offers to become an ambassador…

An easy process

Here are the different steps to use the Ambassador Card.

First of all, anyone can come to Troyes La Champagne Tourism and ask for a free « Ambassador Card of Troyes La Champagne ».

Then, the Ambassadors: 

  • Present their card while entering these sites,
  • Enjoy their privileges.

Over the months, the Ambassadors receive emails with:

  • Exclusive information before everybody else;
  • VIP invitations to meetings, exhibition openings, visits, workshops… offered by Troyes La Champagne Tourisme partners;
  • Occasional offers;
  • And so many more surprises…

This way, not everything is disclosed from the beginning of the program, so the Ambassadors are always happier to discover more and more through the months, always in exclusivity!

Each Ambassador must keep an eye on their email and read the Information Letter, in which they might find the unexpected visit, the perfect meeting, the ideal event… 

To participate to a visit, please register first at Troyes La Champagne Tourism.

Ten good reasons to be an Ambassador…

Enter the Ambassador of Troyes Champagne Metropole spirit!

Become the city’s essential person… Come and share your territory!

There is nothing easier: just go to Troyes La Champagne Tourism, give your email address and ask for your personalized Ambassador Card .

Ten good reasons to be an Ambassador…

  1. (Re)discover Troyes and its territory jewels!
  2. Be the first to know what is new at Troyes La Champagne Tourism and its partners!
  3. Be the privileged guest of events designed just for you!
  4. Benefit from many advantages on touristic, cultural and leisure sites!
  5. Get a lot of ideas to go out all year long!
  6. Be proud of your territory and talk about it with shining eyes!
  7. Make your friends and family want to come and to come back again!
  8. Meet other Ambassadors and make new connections!
  9. Make friends, family and tourists come so they can explore our wonderful city!
  10. And do not pay anything…

Troyes La Champagne Tourism offers you the Ambassador Card for free!