Toevoegen aan bladwijzer

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What is a Greeter?

An inhabitant in love with his land that will welcome you as a friend and guide you through the city, but off the beaten tracks! This is the spirit of the Greeters!

« Greeters » are welcoming, and that makes sense.

The Big Apple Greeters were born in New York in the 1990s, and they have been the main inspiration of the local association « Troyes Aube Greeters » since 2012, to support a new tourism way: participative tourism! Thanks to the Greeters, each visitor can meet authentically a local volunteer that will show him « his » place, « his » corner, « his » city with pride and passion.

The « Troyes Aube Greeters » association is a member of the « Federation France Greeters » and of the International Greeter Association, which has 60 members in France and 122 international members!

Do you fancy an original encounter or walk during your stay in Troyes La Champagne and in the Aube department?
Do you believe that tourism can be an opportunity for cultural exchanges and enlightening experiences for both visitors and locals?

We invite you to visit the Greeters Troyes Aube website in order to register for a walk and a cultural exchange of Troyes La Champagne with a Greeter, to discover its district, its favorites, its passions!